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About SART

Mission & Vision

UCT’s Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is a collaborative collective designed to empower the university community with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to and prevent sexual violence on campus.


In collaboration with other stakeholders, to effectively and empathically support survivors of sexual violence on campus through:

  • Providing a free and confidential crisis-intervention, advocacy and support to survivors of sexual violence
  • Providing follow-up medical and psychological support at Student Wellness Service
  • Creating a safe and open environment for reporting incidents of sexual violence
  • Education of all first responders on victim/survivor needs
  • Education on sexual violence and its prevention
  • Conducting sexual violence awareness campaigns
  • Communicating the outcome of reported incidents
  • Bystander-interventions
  • Survivor-led support group
  • Policy and protocol reviews
  • Research
  • Survivor satisfaction surveys
  • Providing advice to the university management on sexual violence matters on campus.